Technical is the way to go...

If you're planning a wreck diving trip to Coron, and are Tech Diving qualified - you need to make sure you get the best diving possible for your money. There are few operators in the Philippines that can offer a level anywhere near to our standard, whether shore or boat based.

On Rags II you will find a full range of Technical Diving equipment including twin manifolded tanks (in good condition).Deco and Stage cylinders - already rigged and ready for use, with spare regulators onboard. A large supply of O2 -as part of your package (nitrox is free).DPV capable, with spacious dive deck and most importantly...a Technical Diver savvy crew!!

Rags was designed and built by Tech Divers, and has been operating very successfully for the past seven years as a fully capable Tech Dive charter. Ralph, our long time Manager is a fully qualified Tech Instructor, and a very committed professional. He knows your needs and is always on hand to offer advice and guide you to the best technical diving on offer in the Philippines. We have places inside the Coron Wrecks that no-one else knows of...and we are still finding more.

Why not spend your hard earned money on a holiday to remember, and one that will test your skills as a Technical Diver.

Drop Ralph a line at for a real exploration adventure.

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