It's easy to learn Technical Diving in the Philippines

Are you a purely recreational diver with no interest in technical diving?

Would you consider getting involved in this challenging and adventurous side of your chosen sport?

If so, you should you think about going on a liveaboard diving boat - that also caters to technical diving in the Philippines..

Why not….you might be surprised at how interesting and challenging it can be, to be exposed to divers with a high level of experience - and who sometimes engage in expedition diving - while you can still stick to what you know and enjoy.Of course there is a good chance that you might get really curious about it all and decide to give it a go.

Many agencies and instructors (us included) offer something like a "try out" dive in twin tanks. This might appear quite an awkward and cumbersome configuration in the beginning, but with a little practice most divers enjoy it - and many don't want to dive anything else anymore.

It really just makes sense though, to use this kind of equipment with proper introduction and technical dive training. This can be easily obtained in Puerto Galera, the Mecca of Asia.

Several dive shops and instructors offer technical dive training courses there, and quite a few students opt for doing their classroom and confined sessions in Puerto Galera - then finish off the technical and qualification dives, on our liveaboard Rags II. It's a great way to combine training and exciting new adventures all in one vacation…..(and your non-techie dive buddy's can come along for the ride without feeling left out).

Many instructors choose to take a technical diving course these days just to broaden their knowledge and to be able to inform inquisitive students who ask what technical diving is all about.

We often have instructors from all over the world and not just the Philippines who bring their groups of students on Rags II to be able to teach wreck, cave and trimix diving all in one trip without any logistical nightmares. Being in a group of students in an enclosed environment also leaves a lot more time for discussions and practice sessions, than could regular courses onshore.

So don't hesitate to contact us for more information if you're interested in technical diving training. If you are already certified and would like to know more – or if you are a seasoned technical diver with a specific dive project in mind - we are the people to help you.

If you are just the regular Joe Diver in the Philippines who doesn't care about all this technical diving stuff and just wants to have a good time underwater!

We hope to see you soon on Rags II….

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