Technical Diving in the Philippines. Frequently Asked Questions.

What are the additional costs for technical diving on Rags II?

We don't charge anything extra for any tanks you use (deco tanks included!) except for gasses of course.

What are the prices for gas?
What connections do you use on your tanks?
Can I dive a rebreather on Rags II liveaboard?
What if my dive buddies are not technical divers? Can I still do some technical dives during the trip?
I want to charter Rags II for a specific dive project. Is this possible?
Can I rent the equipment?
Can I get trained in technical diving during the trip on the liveaboard?
Where is the nearest decompression chamber?
What are your dive sites like for technical diving?
What voltage do you use onboard?
Do I need to bring spare parts?
How do I get to the divesite and in and out of the water?

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