At last….a Technical Diving liveaboard - in the Philippines

In the last couple of years Technical Diving has become almost mainstream, with more and more divers trained and experienced in technical diving activities. So what is actually considered to be technical diving - and why is a liveaboard trip the ideal way to maximize it's potential.

Technical diving is defined as: diving activities which are outside the usual recreational diving limits - such as: diving to depths in excess of 40 m, overhead environment diving (inside wrecks and caves), the use of mixed gases - and applying accelerated decompression techniques.

Although Tech diving is surely not for everyone, most people enjoy diving their entire life without ever venturing outside of the recreational envelope. However, the people who do go technical, get the benefit of being able to see and visit places that few others have or will ever see - and it allows them to go all the way to true exploration diving levels.

A liveaboard like Rags II, operating in a fascinating country like the Philippines -

Offers the ideal platform to bring you to all these remote diving spots. Rags II is designed with the technical diver in mind - and has a spacious dive deck with plenty of storage space for all the accessories a technical diver needs. Scooters, twin tanks, deco tanks, rebreathers, sorb, booster pump, lights, batteries, chargers - and everything else you could possibly think of.

All sensitive electrical equipment can be charged safely with an automatic voltage regulator and an uninterrupted power supply. This prevents any damage from power fluctuations or cut offs. All you then have to do before a dive - is to prepare and check your equipment, sit down on the comfortable wide bench and get into your harness, do a few steps to the platform and jump in. The crew will assist you with all additional equipment needed, and of course the same thing happens in reverse after the dive.

Combining technical divers with recreational divers is no problem at all on Rags, unlike many other liveaboard operations struggling with this concept. Most dive sites offer something for everyone; two of the best examples on our trips are Apo Reef and the wrecks in Coron.

On Apo Reef the visibility is exceptional, and tech divers often prefer to dive the deep walls, whilst recreational divers remain at shallower depths. This is easily handled on Rags II – we simply take a second dive guide on mixed diving trips.

In Coron Bay, the options for tech divers are to do longer dives and to make extensive penetrations inside the wrecks, while the recreational divers conduct their dives on the shallower parts outside the wrecks (where there is still plenty to see). There are many diving couples, where one is interested in technical diving, while the partner prefers to dive recreational only. A liveaboard like Rags II - which can cater to both on the same trip is the ideal solution for this common situation, and everyone can have a great vacation without having to separate to pursue differing interests.

Technical diving from our liveaboard allows you to:-

Organize trips for an entire group or a small team of dedicated divers working on a specific project. It is also a great way to see how other divers do it and to exchange experience and techniques. Many instructors have decided in the past to charter Rags for technical and overhead environment training. This provides a diving base and classroom right above or near to training sites - without having to worry about all the other logistics involved. They appreciate being able to focus fully on the teaching aspect. Students love it too of course, because they have a relaxed instructor taking care of them - while Rags II crew worry about all the rest!

If you are not a technical diver yet and you are interested in becoming one, why not consider starting your course in the technical diving capital of the Philippines (and many say Asia). Puerto Galera is our home port and we work closely together with our friends at Tech Asia Diving Institute (who have trained thousands of technical divers over more than a decade). Tech Asia surely offers the best technical diving instruction and courses available in the area. You could then finish off your course dives during a trip on Rags II or join a trip after the course to gain experience - and apply your new technical skills.

We are continuously searching for more exciting dive sites all over the Philippines to be able to offer our Technical Diving customers something new every season. We are also very involved in the exploration of newly discovered underwater caves in Samar - and deeper, seldom dived wrecks in the Visaya region. This coming season, we also plan to conduct the first of many technical and wreck diving trips in this area. So please, take few minutes to look around our website under the technical diving link for more information - and check back regularly - as we will also add more details and new sites as we find them Welcome to your only truly dedicated Technical Diving liveaboard in the Philippines

Rags II

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