Technical Diving and Recreational Diving on a Liveaboard

Some divers think this is just not possible (or at least not a good idea) - to put both groups on the same liveaboard. We have proven many times in the past that there is absolutely no problem combining technical and recreational divers on our liveaboard trips. Almost all our dive sites are ideal for both activities.

The wrecks in Coron can easily be enjoyed by both groups at the same time, but doing entirely different dives. Each group will dive with their own guide and not interfere which each other at all. The walls in Apo Reef offer something for everyone and can be dived either recreational or technical.

Recreational divers are sometimes a bit reluctant to share a boat with technical divers, thinking that they might not be taken seriously or that their skills are not good enough. Nothing could be further from the truth, as all technical divers started out as recreational divers and all were struggling a bit in the beginning with not so great buoyancy and high air consumption. Technical divers are very well aware of that and rather than making fun of fellow divers, they are always happy to share their experience and advice.

By spending time together on a liveaboard, recreational divers can learn a lot more about technical diving and some even decide to give it a try. The Philippines is the ideal location to experience a shared liveaboard trip, simply because many technical divers choose this as their holiday destination. There is so much fascinating diving to be experienced. Wrecks, caves, deep walls and remote reefs guarantee lots of adventure, and - except for the caves - all of these liveaboard trips and dive sites can be enjoyed by recreational divers as well.

Many couples and friends wish to spend their vacation time together, but what if one of them prefers to dive technical while the other just likes to enjoy easy diving with colorful fish?

No problem at all on our liveaboard Rags II - as everyone can have a great time while pursuing their main interest in diving and of course it also allows them to do some dives together if they wish.

Maybe best of all - there are no extra charges on Rags II - for using twin or deco tanks.

So don't hesitate, talk to your diving friends and plan a liveaboard trip in the Philippines with Rags II, regardless if it's technical or recreational or both.

You will have fun -- Guaranteed!

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