Rags II – Philippines Liveaboard diving - FAQ

We often have queries in regard to what happens after you book your liveaboard diving trip on Rags II – so we've put together a few questions and answers to let our future customers know what to expect.

Do we need a Visa for our Philippines Liveabaoard trip ?

Most passport holders can enter the Philippines for 21 days with Visa on arrival. However it's best to check before you book.Try here for quick reference. http://www.projectvisa.com/visainformation/Philippines

How do we get from Manila Airport to the dive boat, can you help with transfers?
We arrive in Manila at 23:00 – can we travel overnight or do we need to arrange a hotel somewhere?
What time can we expect the liveaboard boat to leave - and return?
What type of food is served onboard your liveaboard ?
What fittings do your cylinders have ?
What type of electrical supply for charging do you have onboard?
We'd like to bring over and dive our rebreathers, can you assist with smaller cylinders (3L) - sorb and O2 booster.
We want to make some deep penetration dives into the WWII wrecks in Coron, is this O.K. ?

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