That's a good idea, let's go on a diving trip in the Philippines.

Well, holiday's need to be fulfilling...and you would be hard pushed to find any better, we have hundreds of satisfied customers who have been absolutely stunned by our trips - and really surprised by the size of Rags when they get here.

We have professional cave divers that have mapped our excellent Paglugaban Cave in 3D - and published a great report in Quest magazine.We have technical divers planning deep dive expeditions on tri-mixed gases on Coron WWII wrecks and Oil companies requesting Eco and Sonar surveys.

We also have some really nice holiday guests every week, who just want to relax and enjoy the pleasures of traveling to some of the best dive locations on earth, and they come back time and again to enjoy the chill-out atmosphere on Rags II - and diving in the Philippines.

We take care of you, and are totally committed to giving you value for money diving in the best diving areas the Philippines has to offer.

So, when you're thinking about your next diving adventure, think about the Philippines - and drop an E-mail

We'll be only too happy to help.

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