Club diving and training - in the Philippines

One of the most difficult issues on trying to put a dive trip together – is getting all those people organized at the same time. Most diving liveaboards need up to 20 guests to fill their boat, and if you're trying to keep the boat exclusive to your club…it's not easy to find one.

With only eight divers needed to fill the boat, club diving onboard Rags II is easier than most other liveaboards in the Philippines. We pride ourselves on the fact that our boat is usually filled with friends from the same dive club or resort buddies, even work colleagues having a break together.

If you're a diving instructor, what better way to keep your students together than to bring a group of them on a trip, we have all levels of diving available and often run training trips for Technical wreck and cave training.

Combine that with some of the best liveaboard dive destinations in the Philippines, and you have a trip to remember !