A La Carte Menu…

Most liveaboards offer buffet style meals…
Onboard Rags II our guests can enjoy a full A La Carte menu – with a mouth watering selection of over 50 dishes, from Singapore Prawns to Sukiyaki Beef or Chicken a L'Orange. Our chef Sonny can whip up your favorite meal in no time, you'll be amazed and spoilt for choice every day.
Here's just a sample to whet your appetite…

Prawns picante
Stir-fry king prawns with ginger, chili, red and green pepper, onion and garlic, served with rice and vegetables

Chicken lalaguna
Chicken breast filet filled with banana crumbed in coconut with curry and raisins sauce served with potato and buttered vegetables

Fishermen's net
A combination seafood of calamari, prawns and fish fillet, breaded with Japanese breadcrumbs, served with vinaigrette salad and French fri

Pork steak Dianne
Pan fried pork fillet flambé with brandy reduced with demi-glace, garlic, Worcestershire sauce and cream, served with potato and vegetables

Sukiyaki beef
Thin slices of tenderloin sautéed with fresh vegetables and noodles Japanese style, served with rice

Bulgogyi ginsec
Beef tenderloin stir-fry with mushroom, onion, sprout, bamboo shoots, ginger and capsicum, served with fried rice

Crispy skin chicken
Fried wing and breast or leg and thigh portion blended with oriental spices served with vegetable vinaigrette.

Beef Steak Tagalog
Thinly sliced lean beef marinated in soy sauce, calamansi (lemon juice), onion, capsicum, garlic and pepper-all stir-fried.

...and of course there are 7 choices of Dessert..one for each day of the week !